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Press release Ballon Media: Ballon Media and Clavis expand their collaboration

20/05/2011. Ballon Media Sales. Press release Ballon Media: Ballon Media and Clavis expand their collaboration
From 1 October 2011, Ballon Media and Clavis Publishers will be joining forces for the publication of French children’s books.

In the future, Ballon Media will use the Clavis label to market children’s books from the same catalogue, and this in French-speaking Belgium, France and Switzerland. Last Friday, the two companies signed an agreement for long-term collaboration. The commercialisation and the distribution will be handled by Ballon Media’s trusted partner and shareholder Média Participations (owner of the publishers Dupuis, Dargaud and Le Lombard). Since the beginning of this year, Ballon Media has also been distributing children’s books by Clavis Publishers outside the traditional book trade in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Fifteen new titles in 2011
From Kathleen Amant's Anna and Liesbet Slegers’ Sinterklaasje to Stefan Boonen’s Met opa in de sneeuw, this year alone, another fifteen titles from the Clavis catalogue will be published in French. Also for 2012, Ballon Media’s children’s book team, in close consultation with Clavis, is planning a list of top titles.

Clavis Publishers
Clavis Publishers is one of the largest independent publishers of children’s and youth books within the Dutch-language region, with branches in Hasselt, Amsterdam and New York. Clavis represents leading authors, such as Guido van Genechten, Gerard van Gemert, Anthony Horowitz and Liesbet Slegers. It has a strong international appeal, partly due to developing international partnerships. “Today, children from Italy to Japan can dream off with titles, like Rikki and Kaatje,” says Commercial Director Anthony Vavrinek.
Ballon Media
Ballon Media consists of the book distributor Ballon Media Sales, children’s book publisher Ballon Kids and comics publisher Ballon Comics. Ballon Media Sales distributes the company’s own publications. In addition, it also acts as the exclusive distributor for Flanders and the Netherlands for a selection of renowned publishers. Since 1 January 2011, the company has a combined offering of children’s books from the Clavis catalogue, children’s books by Casterman and the own Ballon Kids publications. “The children’s book catalogues that we distribute are highly complementary and therefore offer a shared opportunity for all represented publishers,” says Alexis Dragonetti, Managing Director of Ballon Media.

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