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Ballon Media Sales bundles Dutch-language comics distribution

01/01/2011. Ballon Media Sales. Ballon Media Sales bundles Dutch-language comics distribution
From 1 January 2011, the limited liability companies Ballon Media and SDL Caravelle are joining forces. With an economic collaboration agreement, both companies have constructed a joint operational structure for their activities as book distributors in Flanders and the Netherlands. The new entity offers a structural and profitable solution for the distribution of comics and children’s books from a selection of leading publishers.

Ballon Media Sales
Ballon Media (for a share of 70%) and La Caravelle (for a share of 30%) have signed an economic collaboration agreement: Ballon Media Sales. With this new entity, Ballon Media strengthens its position in the Dutch-language comics market. From newsagents to supermarkets and specialty comics stores, in the future the new structure will act as the exclusive distributor for Flanders and the Netherlands for a selection of renowned publishers of comics and children’s books: 

- Ballon Comics (Jommeke, K3, Flikken…) 
- Blake & Mortimer _ Casterman (Kuifje, Alix, Corto Maltese…)
- Daedalus (Aquablue, Zang van de Vampiers, Travis…)
- Dargaud (XIII, Murena, De Schorpioen…)
- Dupuis (Largo Winch, De blauwbloezen, Robbedoes & Kwabbernoot…)
- Glénat (Samber, Albert & Co, Dragonball…)
- Graton (Michel Vaillant)
- Kana (Death Note, Naruto, Bleach…)
- Le Lombard (Thorgal, Alfa, IR$...)
- Lucky Comics (Lucky Luke, Rataplan…)
- Marsu Productions (Guust Flater, Marsupilami, Natasja…)
- 12Bis

Stable comics distribution
The new collaboration agreement offers stability in a market where French and French-language publishing groups play a prominent role. Still, the profitability of their Dutch-language comics catalogue had been worrisome for many years. With a professional and broad commercialisation, Ballon Media Sales aims to target those operational activities to the local market characteristics and further develop them. To do so, it uses a specialised ten-strong sales team. This joining of forces offers guarantees for a profitable and therefore sustainable future for the Dutch-language comics by the publishers involved.

Alexis Dragonetti,
Managing Director

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