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We hebben het gehaald...

We made it...

29/04/2011 We made it...
314 in total. That is how many friends joined Jommeke on Thursday 21 April at 11 AM. At the same time, they were also collectively playing the game ‘biting apples’ in the Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp, where they broke the world record ‘biting apples’, which was held by the English town of Heywood since September 2010.

Publisher Ballon Media and Antwerp European Youth Capital 2011, the organisers of the light-hearted record attempt, were hoping for more than 266 ‘apple biters’. With 314 pre-registered kids – egged on by Jommeke himself, who also gave the starting sign – the expectations were well exceeded. The Acting Mayor of Antwerp Guy Lauwers and City Counsellor for Youth-related Matters Leen Verbist, publisher Alexis Dragonetti (Ballon Media) and obviously Jommeke himself counted heads and declared the record to be official with a certificate (see picture).

Collective fun in Park Spoor Noord
The location for this new world record? The Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp, which is within walking distance of Central Station, between the neighbourhoods Damwijk, Stuivenberg and Seefhoek. In the small pools filled with water, there were loads of Truval apples floating, waiting to be bitten. Crouched and with their hands on their backs, 314 elated kids collectively bit for the bobbing apples. If they bit into one, the kids could just munch away... using their hands! The cores and other leftovers were collected for the animals at the children’s farm in Wilrijk.

Biting apples?!??
‘Biting apples’ is a popular traditional game, which the dictionary describes as ‘biting for an apple with the hands tied behind the back’. It is a game that is particularly popular in Anglo-Saxon countries around Halloween. The rules? There are a number of floating apples in a barrel or a water tank. The players have to get hold of them by biting their teeth into them and without using their hands. In September 2010, in the English town of Heywood, no fewer than 266 people participated at the same time, resulting in a world record that stood until... Jommeke and his friends broke it on 21 April 2011.

Jommeke’s successful world record attempt was part of the activities related to Antwerp European Youth Capital 2011 (AEYC2011). Together with over 100 partners, AEYC2011 organises a variety of activities for and by youngsters.

On 22 April, Het Nieuwsblad published a nice article about the newly set world record. This article is only available in Dutch.

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